Day 1 Chicago 27th of March
Underneath you see my hotelview and a short impression of what my 1st
day in Chicago was about but you are missin’ the good stuff because my
homeboy Jacquez took me to a Bone Thugs concert.
Chicago trip day 1_0002 Chicago trip day 1_0006 Chicago trip day 1_0009 Chicago trip day 1_0015 Chicago trip day 1_0020 Chicago trip day 1_0041 Chicago trip day 1_0096 Chicago trip day 1_0139
Chicago trip day 1_0040 Chicago trip day 1_0046 Chicago trip day 1_0048 Chicago trip day 1_0057 Chicago trip day 1_0059 Chicago trip day 1_0112

Day 2 Chicago 28th of March
After a short nights sleep I have hit the streets again at around 12AM.
Took the pink line towards State Str. and dropped some typical Dutch
treats at my homeboys work and we made a lunch appointment.
Hit Michigan Ave. and had lunch later on. Also hit Millinium Park.

Chicago day 2_0007 Chicago day 2_0092 Chicago day 2_0020 Chicago day 2_0030 Chicago day 2_0052 Chicago day 2_0086 
Chicago day 2_0004 Chicago day 2_0011 Chicago day 2_0012 Chicago day 2_0026 Chicago day 2_0039 Chicago day 2_0065 Chicago day 2_0068 Chicago day 2_0073 Chicago day 2_0083 Chicago day 2_0090 Chicago day 2_0114 Chicago day 2_0100 

Day 3 Chicago 29th of March 
First day of training on South Riverside Plaza on the 20th floor.
After the training we had a nice diner in Greek Town and after
that I have hit the streets to do some photography.
The days are long this way but it’s more than worth the while.

Chicago day 3_0019 Chicago day 3_0049 Chicago day 3_0059 Chicago day 3_0071 Chicago day 3_0088 Chicago day 3_0096 Chicago day 3_0100 Chicago day 3_0110
Chicago day 3_0002 Chicago day 3_0015 Chicago day 3_0007 Chicago day 3_0038 Chicago day 3_0044 Chicago day 3_0092 

Day 4 Chicago 30th of March

Second day of training and things went real well.
Lots of material to get through but I survived.
After training brought my laptop to the hotel and
hit these Chicago streets one more.
Went to the Hancock Observertory on Michigan Av.
and took some nice nightshots. Also hit Chicago’s
Riverwalk by night.

Chicago Day 4_0001 Chicago Day 4_0010 Chicago Day 4_0014 Chicago Day 4_0022 Chicago Day 4_0027 Chicago Day 4_0035 Chicago Day 4_0046 Chicago Day 4_0074
Chicago Day 4_0005 Chicago Day 4_0018 Chicago Day 4_0033 Chicago Day 4_0043 Chicago Day 4_0075 Chicago Day 4_0096  Chicago Day 4_0097 Chicago Day 4_0101 Chicago Day 4_0115

Day 5 Chicago 31st of March

After a half day of training at 1SYNC we said goodbye to our trainers.
Went to the hotel to drop my laptop to headout again.
Once again hit the streets of Chicago to chill with them boys homey
Jacquez and brother Court. Yup us devils took Court out of the librairy to
do some photography. Check it out and on one of the shots you see a bumm
on the streets gettin’ his Porn on on a dvd player. You know I aint givin’ him
no more.

Chicago Day 5_0009 Chicago Day 5_0055 Chicago Day 5_0057 Chicago Day 5_0080 Chicago Day 5_0086 Chicago Day 5_0089 Chicago Day 5_0098 - kopie Chicago Day 5_0115 Chicago Day 5_0121 Chicago Day 5_0045
Chicago Day 5_0020 Chicago Day 5_0040 Chicago Day 5_0063Chicago Day 5_0042 Chicago Day 5_0070 Chicago Day 5_0044 Chicago Day 5_0058 Chicago Day 5_0118 Chicago Day 5_0066

Day 6 Chicago 1st April

Almost my last day but still got some nice shots down.
Went to Navy Pier and went on a boat ride to see the city skyline.
Met a nice familie from Chicago that just spend a few days in a hotel to
celebrate Spring Break in their own town. This really is the land of
contradications on one block you will see a Ferrari and two blocks down
you will find somebody sleepin’ in the street. Also saw some firemen that
graduated, while I was over here a young fireman who was only on the job
for a few weeks lost his life because he went into a burnin’ bullding to save
an old man.

Chicago day 6_0002 Chicago day 6_0003 Chicago day 6_0021 Chicago day 6_0028 Chicago day 6_0034 Chicago day 6_0046 Chicago day 6_0068 Chicago day 6_0073 Chicago day 6_0074 Chicago day 6_0081 Chicago day 6_0088 Chicago day 6_0116Chicago day 6_0115 Chicago day 6_0109   Chicago day 6_0135 Chicago day 6_0138
Chicago day 6_0016 Chicago day 6_0042 Chicago day 6_0048 Chicago day 6_0051 Chicago day 6_0060 Chicago day 6_0103 

Day 7 Chicago 2nd of April

Tomorrow will be my last day in Chicago.
Today I did some photography with Courtney to leave him
with some nice pics from his Amsterdam homey.
We also wen’t to Hide Park and hit Columbia University on
Michigan Avenue.
Chicago day 7_0007 Chicago day 7_0032 Chicago day 7_0044 Chicago day 7_0062 Chicago day 7_0064 Chicago day 7_0069 Chicago day 7_0098 Chicago day 7_0103
Chicago day 7_0001 Chicago day 7_0010 Chicago day 7_0016 Chicago day 7_0027 Chicago day 7_0031 Chicago day 7_0035 Chicago day 7_0039 Chicago day 7_0059 Chicago day 7_0067 Chicago day 7_0073 Chicago day 7_0074 Chicago day 7_0075 Chicago day 7_0078 Chicago day 7_0084 Chicago day 7_0087

Amstel Toren (Next to Amstel Station)
IMG_8430 IMG_8461
IMG_8491 IMG_8519
IMG_8446 IMG_8499

Bijlmer Station
IMG_8597 IMG_8566
Images shot in jpg.

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