On my trip to Chicago March 2010 I took some pictures of one of my
Chicago friends Jacquez Mohead. Be on the lookout for some of his crazy
stylin’ skills.

J the photographer J the photographer B&W-1
Jacquez Mohead Original Jacquez Mohead Two Toned Jacquez Mohead B&W

On my trip I was introduced to a new friend livin’ in Chicago but born and
raised in BK Brooklyn that is. Enjoy some shots of my homey Courtney Wright.
Iff you have time check out his blog.

Court I B&W Court I Courtney on firescape B&W Courtney on firescape
Court II B&W Court II
Court on firescape B&W Court on firescape original

For an interview for House of Hip Hop I have shot some
pictures of Imperial a rapper from Alkmaar from Turkish
descent. You can check out some of his work on his Hyves.

Imperial 044 Imperial 058 Imperial 086
Imperial 113 Imperial 015 Imperial 068 Imperial 103  Imperial 118 Imperial 131

For a up and coming female singer named Forreal I did
the following portfolioshoot. Keep your eyes and ears
open and don’t sleep on this one!! You can follow her
on Twitter and her blog. Stylin’ by Kim Dankoor and
and make up by Valery Tholen. For bookings of Forreal
contact Mirelda Presierie.

IMG_0063_edited-1 IMG_0053_edited-1 IMG_0135_edited-1 IMG_0099_edited-1 IMG_0159 IMG_0146_edited-1 Sandra For Real 043 IMG_0054_edited-1 IMG_0058 IMG_0143_edited-1 IMG_0184_edited-1 IMG_0203_edited-1 Sandra 013 Sandra 015 Sandra 019

For my friend Chanel from I did a shoot with
her model Kelly. These pictures will also be used on the
Vinties webshop and I am sure we will be doing new
shoots in the future. Iff you are in to vintage clothing be
sure to visit her website

Blue Dress 1 Blue Dress 2 Blue Dress 3
Blue polkadot Dress 1 Blue polkadot Dress 2 Blue polkadot Dress 3
Flower Dress 1 Flower Dress 2 Flower Dress 3
Pink Dress 1 Pink Dress 2 Pink Dress 3

I did some suprise shots of Mc Marboo when we did the
Kleine Viezerik shoot. When you are lookin’ for a MC and
a real crowd hyper than you should check this man out.
This man has show his skilzz next to people like: Benny
Rodriques, Don Diablo, Fanny West, Joost van Bellen,
Mr. Wix, Sidney Samson. You can book him at
Extra Ordinary Bookings.

Mc Marboo black & white I
Mc Marboo black & white III Mc Marboo black & white II


Iff you didn’t hear of Kleine Viezerik yet you will soon!!
His new mixtape will drop soon mixed at PII Records.
Some black and white pics and some full color pics will follow.
This young buck from Amsterdam West will amaze you I am sure.

Kleine Viezerik 125 B&W Kleine Viezerik 097 B&W
Kleine Viezerik 103 B&W Kleine Viezerik 072 B&W

With special thanks to my girl Kim D.
My present to take with her on her journey
looking for the real roots of Hip Hop.

Kim 15 Kim 2  
Kim 8 Kim 7  
Kim 9 Kim 19
Kim 17 Kim 6
Kim 11 Kim 10

My first commercial shoot for my
friend Pascales company PP Agency.
Check out her crazy kids collections.

ppagency002_1 ppagency001
ppagency004 ppagency003
ppagency005 ppagency006
ppagency007 ppagency008-1 
ppagency009 ppagency010

First shoot in RAW

For more information and booking check: